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About Farma24.info project

The Farma24.info website collects and consolidates commonly available, open information about medicines offerings published by Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian Internet pharmacies.

Farma24.info, with the help of advanced Internet technologies, summarizes the top deals of the most popular online dietary supplements stores, as well as  internet projects that promotes healthy lifestyle products.

Based on the artificial intelligence and proprietary algorithms, Farma24.info aggregates and unifies primary information on available drugs, health and medical products.

Farma24.info as a user-oriented and user-friendly website for the convenience of visitors:

- completely automatically distinguishes especially optimal and special suggestions, completely automatically forms the lists of cheaper analogues,

- calculates price per unit of the proposed items for convenience of comparisons,

- finds and complements the published prices of medicines or dietary supplements with publicly available, open reference information about the requested drug or remedy,

- site Farma24.info for each product automatically updates and makes available in a single concentrated place all the topical hyperlinks to pharmacies and stores webpages where this product is offered,

- at the front side Farma24.info re-publishes in accented form, often not very well-known, but especially important for those interested in their medical care HTML hyperlinks to the Internet resources of state services and medical companies,

- Farma24.info is a classic third-party sites offers aggregator, that itself does not sell physically anything, but only offers advertisement areas.

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Please consult with your doctor or pharmacist. Carefully read medicine application instructions!